Billington Ranch Taxidermy is owned and operated by me, Evelyn Billington, and my 
husband Mike Billington. It has been in operation since 1997. 

In 1995 I began studying taxidermy under the supervision of two national certified taxidermist with one of them being a master taxidermist. In 1996 I entered my first two mounts (two lifesize raccoons in a snowscene) at the Texas state competiton. The mounts won a first place ribbon as well as a second place. In 1997 I entered a boar shoulder mount and took a second place with it. 

I became a national certified taxidermist in 1997 and opened my own studio, Billington Ranch Taxidermy. Since then I have entered mounts and won awards in many more state competitions as well as national competitions. 

I took a first place with a shoulder mount boar at the National competition in 2000 and a second place with a lifesize coyote. The following year I was awarded the Award of Excellence from the National Taxidermy Association.

In 2004 I entered a uromastyx lizard and took top score with it giving me the title of National Champion for reptiles.  I also taught a beginners whitetail deer fleshing seminar at the 2004 National competition.

Billington Ranch Taxidermy is an active member of the Texas State Taxidermy Association (TTAI) as well as the National Taxidermy Association (NTA).

For the last year Billington Ranch Taxidermy has been writing articles on taxidermy for the www.hidetanning.net website. The articles range from complete skull cleaning instructions to reptile taxidermy and specimen field care. If you plan to have us mount your trophies, we suggest you visit the field care article at www. hidetanning.net for information on how to take care of your trophy in the field prior to bringing it to us.  We are also continuously educating ourselves about new taxidermy techniques and products by attending as many seminars and conventions as possible. 

Here at Billington Ranch Taxidermy we strive to create the best mounts possible. Utmost attention is being paid to fine details and accurate anatomy of the animal as it occurs in nature. Our displays and habitats are very pleasing and natural looking. Our turnaround time ranges from approximately six months to eight months with a few exceptions taking longer.

We believe the building foundation of a great looking mount is proper tanning. That's why we send all of our capes and large mammal skins to Advantage Fur Dressing in Houston which does a fantastic job on tanning them. Our small mammal skins (up to the size of a coyote) are being tanned in shop, as we found this to be the best way for those types of animals due to their thin skins. Unlike many other taxidermists we even tan all of our reptiles skins, whether they are for wallhanging purposes or lifesize mounts.

All of our bases and habitats are being build in shop by Mike Billington. He brings with him over 30 years of experience as a sculptur and artist. His bases are one of a kind and no two will look exactly the same. 

Billington Ranch Taxidermy is located on the eastern edge of the TX Hill Country in Andice, TX (approximately 45 minutes north of Austin and 35 minutes south of Killeen/Ft.Hood).

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